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2024 CEO Club

2024 CEO Club

Completely Executed Objects

Take charge of your sewing space by taking those UFO's (Unfinished Objects) and changing them into CEO's (Completely Executed Objects)!  
Winking Green Alien
Choose 10 "Unfinished Objects,"  take a picture of them and list them on our UFO/CEO project list.  Share your list and your pictures with the group on our Be Sew Creative FB page.  At the first of each month, choose which project you want to work on.  Complete that project, post a picture of your finished project on our FB page or stop by the shop and let us take a photo and post it for you! You'll be entered to win our monthly CEO Club prize.  (One project per month, please.)   
Your projects can be large or small, the important thing is that they're moving from the idea stage to done and ready to give or enjoy. 
Alien in Spaceship
Trade those UFO's for CEO's in 2024, share with our community, and let them celebrate all your "Completely Executed Objects!"
Click here for our printable list for your UFOs!

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